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What are the different temperature phases of aac autoclave


The different temperature phases of aac autoclave in the steam curing process should be learned to ensure the quality of aac block,a new and popular building material.The text will introduce that.

What are the combustion ways of gas heating boiler


the combustion ways of gas heating boiler is also very important,for the different ways will bring the different influence on the boiler combustion efficiency,in this text,ZG will give the analysis of

What are the common blowdown valves of oil steam boiler


The blowdown valves of oil steam boiler is needed to ensure the normal operation,the blowdown device consists of blowdown valves and pipes.In this text,ZG will introduce some common blowdown valves of

What should we do during the shutdown of coal fired steam boiler


The shutdown of coal fired steam boiler can be divided into three types:pressure fire shutdown,normal shut down,and emergency shutdown.In this text,we will mainly discuss the pressure fire shutdown.

How many types of industrial autoclave pressure gauge


The industrial autoclave pressure gauge has many types,it should be installed to measure the pressure within the industrial autoclave.

What should the firing of biomass hot water boiler notice


The biomass hot water boiler firing has some matters needing attention to ensure the quick start.ZG,as a professional biomass fired boiler manufacturer,will analyze that in this text.

How to regulate the temperature of coal fired steam boiler


Coal fired steam boiler temperature regulation is necessary to avoid a range of hazards caused by the temperature fluctuations,so some adjustment ways will be introduced in this text:

What is the impact of weather on steam boilers


The weather impact on steam boilers is varied,such as the cold winter need to do the work of steam boilers insulation,when summer comes,we need to prevent the high-temperature corrosion, the following

How to achieve the horizontal oil fired boiler water cycle


The horizontal oil fired boiler water cycle is a very important step in the operation of horizontal oil fired boiler,we should know how it is achieved.Horizontal oil fired boiler is more energy-effici

What are the failures of gas fired boiler safety valve


That the gas fired boiler safety valve has no failures is necessary to ensure the safe operation,but the actual condition is often not satisfied,so the boiler users need to know the following failures

What if the coal feed system blocking of CFB boiler occurs


The coal feed system blocking of CFB boiler in the using ,which causes great economic losses.According to the analysis of Zhengzhou Boiler,the main reason is that the fuel coal contains too much wa

What will cause the biomass fuel boiler pipe leakage


The biomass fuel boiler pipe leakage will lead to the the water normal water level and combustion cannot be maintained,which brings the direct influence to running,thus for the enterprise using the bo

How to use the waste heat of industrial autoclave


he waste heat of industrial autoclave plays an important role in our lives,generally,the autoclave still maintain a high pressure after the process of steam curing,of course,we can transfer the steam

What are the role of coal fired heating boiler auxiliaries


The coal fired heating boiler auxiliaries are mainly water wall,economizer, water supply pipe,air preheater,superheater,burner,furnace, gas pass,etc.The role of some coal fired heating boiler auxiliar

What will cause the wear of CFB boiler heating surface


The wear of CFB boiler heating surface will reduce its thermal efficiency and shorten its service life,therefore,the boiler user should actively find out the reasons ,in this paper,that will be introd

What are the influence factors of CFB boiler bed temperature


The CFB boiler bed temperature has a close relationship with the boiler’s stable combustion and thermal efficiency,so we should actively find out the influence factors of CFB boiler bed temperature,i

Why The Biomass Fired CFB Boiler Is So Popular


Biomass fired CFB boiler is more and more popular in the world with the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection. It adopts the CFB combustion technology, will be very popular in the b

Why biomass fuel is superior to coal for boiler


Compared to the coal fired boiler, the biomass fired boiler has advantages of lower emission, more environmental protection, lower cost. So many industries prefer burn biomass fuels than coal.

How to reduce coal content in CFB boiler slag


CFB boiler is more and more popular for its advantages of power saving, fuel saving, and high efficiency. If we take some proper measures to reduce the coal content in slag, the efficiency of the circ

What is the superiority of CFB boiler in chemical industry


Power and steam are vital for daily production in chemical industries. Compared with other industrial boilers, circulating fluidized bed boiler is more popular in this industry.

The First 116MW Corner Tube Boiler in China Analysis


ZG Boiler has successfully developed the first set of 116 MW corner tube hot water boiler China in 2015 and applied it to heating company. The engineer of ZG Boiler will analyze the corner tube hot wa

Why More Enterprises Choose Corner Tube Hot Water Boiler


As more and more hot water is needed in industrial production, the amount of hot water boiler is increased every year. Among the various industrial hot water boiler types, more enterprises regard the

How to Realize Anti-Wear for Coal Fired CFB Boiler


However, abrasion might occur and affect the boiler efficiency, then which points to pay attention can realize anti-wear during coal fired circulating fluidized bed boiler operating?

Why People Prefer Biomass Fired Boiler


In recent years, biomass fired boiler is developing rapidly in many countries. Especially in Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and some other countries, there are rich agricultural or woody re

Which Waste Heat Boiler Is Suitable for Petroleum Coke Calcination


Recently, we have one set of 35 ton waste heat boiler exported to Kazakhstan used for petroleum coke calcination. After the petroleum coke calcining, large amount of high temperature flue gas will be

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