5 Sets of Autoclaves for 150,000m³AAC Plant



ApplicationAAC production line

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Complete set of equipment for production line:

Mixer, mixing truck, mold frame, mold bottom, steaming truck, single beam and double hook double speed crane, single girder crane, single hook spreader, bucket elevator, ball mill autoclave, steam boiler, mobile hoist, cutting machine, aluminum powder mixer, bucket feeding machine, slurry tank, pulp tank, storage tank, hopper, crusher, metering tank.

According to the user's requirements, ZBG has designed and manufactured various types of pressure vessels to meet the needs of users for various purposes. The top-opening autoclave purchased by the customer adopts a lever type door opening mechanism, the lower end of the lever is connected with the kettle door, and the upper end is provided with a counterweight device. And the top-opening autoclave adopts rotating arm type door open mechanism, rotating flexibly, easy to start, saving space. High-quality raw materials, advanced processing technology, CNC vertical lathe directly rolls autoclave door steel, reduce number of welding, improving its leakproofness and safety.

ZBG autoclave is a comprehensive reaction vessel, and the structure, function and configuration accessories of the autoclave are designed according to the reaction conditions. From the beginning of the feeding - the discharge can be a higher degree of automation to complete the pre-set reaction steps, the control of temperature, pressure, mechanical reaction process (mixing, blowing, etc.) is an important parameter of reactant / product concentration and strict regulation.

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