15t CFB Boiler for Liquid Ammonia Factory

ModelCirculating fluidized bed boiler

Capacity15 ton

ApplicationLiquid ammonia factory

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CFB Boiler technical parameters:

Design steam capacity: 15 t/h
Actual steam capacity: 12-18 t/h
Rated steam pressure: 1.25 MPa
Saturated steam temperature: 194℃
Superheater steam temperature: 280 ℃
Feed water temperature: 80℃
Exhaust flue gas temperature: 150℃
Design fuel: furnace gas slag, anthracite coal

One year’s operation in the plant proved the circulating fluidized bed boiler reached the designed parameters and had the following advantages:

1.It can burn furnace gas slag with heating value of 9000KJ/kg, or furnace gas slag mixed with anthracite, coal gangue, solving the furnace gas slag problem, the slag and coal ratio is 3:1
2.Easy to ignite, quick to operate, and a wide load regulation range
3.The boiler is circulation combustion, has lower fly ash and slag, and high combustion efficiency.


The liquid ammonia factory can produce 50,000 tons of synthetic ammonia every year, to solve the problem of furnace gas slag produced in the manufacturing process, the plant purchased one set of SHF15-1.25/280 water-cooling vortex internal separation CFB boiler from our company, and the boiler was designed to burn the furnace gas slag and anthracite coal.

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