1Ton 2Ton Gas Steam Boilers Put Into Operation In Bangladesh


1Ton 2Ton Gas Steam Boilers Put Into Operation In Bangladesh

On 2nd, June 2016, Good news from our project site in Bangladesh that the 1t/h and 2t/h WNS type oil&gas boiler produced by Zhengzhou Boiler Co., Ltd will enter into the end of installation, and soon will put into operation that used for the local textile mills. The WNS type boiler from ZG boiler with very short installation period , say only need seven days to complete the boiler installation base on the ready infrastructure.

Bangladesh 1t/h and 2t/h WNS type boiler

It has come to learned that the Bangladesh project is the first exporting project after improving the inner function&quality and upgrading the appearance of ZG boiler. In terms of performance, the technical team staff from ZG boiler once again optimized the equipment, not only retain the design of big volume combustion chamber for more sufficient cumbustion, but also lower the NOX emissions to 35 mg/m3, fully realized the core function just as environmental protection and efficient etc; In addition, on the basis of the previous version, the degree of the automation for such WNS series products being further improvement , to realize the automatic operation and running of the boiler.

bangladesh 1ton-2 ton gas steam boiler.jpg

Offer top quality service for global customers, is the unchanged goal of ZG boiler.

1Ton 2Ton Gas Steam Boilers Put Into Operation In Bangladesh



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