Circulating fluidized bed boiler performance description


1. The design and manufacture of boilers comply with relevant national laws and regulations.

2. The boiler is designed according to the fuel characteristics, water quality, geographical and meteorological conditions, environmental protection requirements, operation mode, transportation conditions, etc. provided by Party A, as well as the requirements of the technical agreement; The following performance is guaranteed:

1) Under normal operating conditions, the interval between two boiler overhauls reaches 4 years.

2) The boiler can adapt to stable combustion conditions of 30% to 100% B-MCR design fuel.

3) The minimum stable combustion load of the boiler without adding oil shall not exceed 30% B-MCR.

4) The steam quality meets the requirements of GB/T12145-2008 "Water Vapor Quality Standard for Thermal Power Generators and Steam Power Equipment".

5) The time from ignition to rated load of the boiler can meet the following requirements under normal startup conditions:

6) The service life of the main pressure-bearing components of the boiler is not less than 30 years. The service life of other equipment complies with national or industry standards.

7) During normal operation of the boiler, the oxygen content after the air preheater is about 4%-8%.

3. Boiler operation requirements:

1) The forced outage rate of boilers is <2%.

The number of forced outage hours of a boiler refers to the number of outage hours caused by product quality problems within one year.

2) During the life of the boiler, within the range of changes in coal type, the boiler is guaranteed to operate safely and stably for a long time at an output of 170t/h.

3) The boiler can be operated with base load or peak load. The boiler can operate at constant pressure or with sliding parameters.

4) When the designed coal type is used, the particle size of coal and limestone reaches the designed value, the feed water temperature is 150°C, and the boiler operates at a constant pressure, the boiler can effectively blow soot within the load range of 50% to 100% B-MCR ( Under the conditions of steam soot blowing and operation), the superheated steam temperature is guaranteed to reach 450°C, and the steam temperature deviation is +5°C to -10°C. Ensure that the bed temperature is uniform under various operating conditions and the smoke temperature deviation on both sides of the boiler is within the allowable range. The maximum temperature difference on the bed surface is less than 30°C.

5) When burning the designed coal type, under rated working conditions, and under effective soot blowing (steam soot blowing operation), the exhaust gas temperature is 135°C and the thermal efficiency is guaranteed to be ≥90%.

6) When burning the designed coal type and under rated working conditions (desulfurization in the furnace is not in operation), the NOx emission after low-nitrogen combustion is ≤80mg/Nm3 (O2=6%).

7) The boiler load change rate meets the following values: Load change rate within the B-MCR load range of 0 to 30% at startup ≥ ±3%/min; Load change rate within the B-MCR load range of 30% to 100% at steady state ≥ ±5 %/min; load change rate within the B-MCR load range of 60% to 100% step load change ≥ ±4%/min; load change rate of 60% to 100% rapid load change within the B-MCR load range ≥ ±7% /min;. The load adjustment rate can meet the performance requirements.

8) When burning the designed coal type and under BMCR working conditions, the deviation between the actual value of smoke and wind pressure drop and the design value is ≤8%.

9) Under the following conditions, the actual water vapor side pressure drop value of the superheater and economizer does not exceed the design value.

① BMCR operating condition

② Boiler feed water quality is qualified

10) The superheated steam of the boiler is cooled by spraying water. Under the following conditions, the actual value of the total desuperheating water volume is within the adjustment range of BMCR of 50-150% of the design value.

① Use the designed coal type

② Any working condition

③ The superheated steam temperature is the rated value

11) Party B guarantees that the interference noise of its equipment (including air inlet and exhaust outlet) shall not exceed 85 decibels (A) at a distance of 1 meter from the equipment casing.

12) Boiler Availability Rate: The available annual running time of the boiler is more than 8000 hours; the continuous running time without failure is more than 6000 hours.

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