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What is the superiority of CFB boiler in chemical industry


Power and steam are vital for daily production in chemical industries. Compared with other industrial boilers, circulating fluidized bed boiler is more popular in this industry.

The First 116MW Corner Tube Boiler in China Analysis


ZG Boiler has successfully developed the first set of 116 MW corner tube hot water boiler China in 2015 and applied it to heating company. The engineer of ZG Boiler will analyze the corner tube hot wa

Why More Enterprises Choose Corner Tube Hot Water Boiler


As more and more hot water is needed in industrial production, the amount of hot water boiler is increased every year. Among the various industrial hot water boiler types, more enterprises regard the

How to Realize Anti-Wear for Coal Fired CFB Boiler


However, abrasion might occur and affect the boiler efficiency, then which points to pay attention can realize anti-wear during coal fired circulating fluidized bed boiler operating?

Why People Prefer Biomass Fired Boiler


In recent years, biomass fired boiler is developing rapidly in many countries. Especially in Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and some other countries, there are rich agricultural or woody re

Which Waste Heat Boiler Is Suitable for Petroleum Coke Calcination


Recently, we have one set of 35 ton waste heat boiler exported to Kazakhstan used for petroleum coke calcination. After the petroleum coke calcining, large amount of high temperature flue gas will be

What Will Affect CFB Hot Water Boiler Desulfurization Efficiency


Circulating fluidized bed hot water boiler introduces CFBC technology that largely improves coal fuel combustion efficiency and environmental protection. During the boiler operating, desulfurization i

What Are Indian 35 Ton CFB Boiler Advantages


. We have one set of 35 ton CFB boiler exported to India, in the following we will introduce the Indian 35 ton CFB boiler advantage and help people have a clear idea of the circulating fluidized bed b

How To Solve The Higher Bed Temperature of CFB Power Plant Boiler


130 ton CFB power plant boiler from our company adopts clean coal combustion technology with low NOx emission, wide fuel flexibility, high thermal efficiency and strong load adjust. While in the boile

What Is The Fuel For 110 Ton CFB Boiler


Circulating fluidized bed combustion (CFBC) is a combustion technology used to burn solid fuels such as coal, biomass. Our 110 ton CFB boiler for India is designed to burn coal fuels mixed with biomas

What Is The Difference Between Fire Tube Boiler and Water Tube Boiler


There are two main boiler types that you can choose from for your specific application: water tube boilers and fire tube boilers, the two are essentially opposite in design.

What About The CFB Power Plant Boiler Combustion System


35 ton cfb power plant boiler combustion system is very powerful, not only can burn coal of high fever, also can burn poor grade fuels. Following we will analysis the CFB power plant boiler combustion

Waste Heat Boiler Room Layout in Metallurgical Plant


To collect the dust in high temperature flue gas, recycle noble metals, reduce dust content in flue gas, as well ensure the manufacture process smooth, the water tube waste heat boiler in metallurgica

Why You Should Choose Waste Heat Boiler in Cement Plant


More than 35% of heat in cement plant is discharged as waste heat to the surroundings without utilization. So why not choose a waste heat boiler for your cement plant to make full use of the waste hea

How Many Types of 3 Ton Steam Boiler


Industrial steam boiler is a hot-sale equipment in chemical industry, food processing, hotel, hospital, paper & pulp, textile mill, power plant, and some other application area. And recently there are

How To Maintain Biomass Bagasse Boiler


In Philippines, Cuba, Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, and other countries, bagasse as bio-fuel is rich and used for generating steam and electricity. When burned by a sugar mill, bagasse usually produces

Can Biomass Steam Boiler Be Used for Power Generation


Coal fired boilers used to take up a big part in thermal power plant, however, the power plants are facing an increasingly competitive global circumstance, and global warming, serious pollution force

What Are CFB Boiler Return Feeder Coking Reasons


Return feeder is an important part of circulating fluidized bed boiler, once it produces coking, the material reverting will abort, boiler output is reduced and even badly affects boiler safe, stable

How To Prevent Hot Water Boiler Water Cooled Wall Tube Explosion


Hot water boiler as a part in production and living has some risks, for example, water cooled wall tube explosion during its operating, people need to process safety inspection and maintenance in adva

How Gas Power Plant Boiler Blowdown


Power plant boiler to provide electricity for industrial production is the necessary facility in the world. But for long time people use coal as thermal power plant fuel that brings serious pollution

How to Reduce Fuel Consumption in Natural Gas Boiler


The clean-burning alternative natural gas fuel can be used in industrial boilers, and the gas fired boiler for its clean and high efficiency is widely used in heating equipment, steam supply and elect

Why Waste Heat Boiler Cement Plant Is Substandard In Power Generation


In China, low temperature cement kiln waste heat boiler for power generation technology has been widely used, whether process technology, equipment, construction, installation, debugging, or operation

100,000 m3 AAC Plant Configuration List


The AAC Plant is designed to manufacture aerated concrete blocks used as building material and the plant is able to make extreme light weight and large variety of sizes blocks and has excellent therma

How to Recycle Autoclave Waste Heat


During the production of building material like fly ash brick, autoclaved aerated concrete block, cement pole, high-temperature high-pressure steam autoclave curing is applied to improve materials str

How Often Should People Clean Cfb Boiler Tubes


A circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boiler is playing more and more vital role in the electric power field. But the ash deposits in boiler tube may lead to boiler in-efficiency, capacity reductions, tub

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