Industrial Autoclaves Operation and Procedure


Industrial Autoclaves Operation and Procedure

Autoclave is a kind of large-scale steam equipment for steam-curing of building materials like sand lime brick, flyash brick, slag brick, aerated concrete block, cement pile and others. Its operation is very important and followings are brief introductions of its operation procedure.

Adjusting the autoclave lid opening device           

1. Adjusting the fitting position of autoclave lid and autoclave body flangeautoclaves

2. Clean and grind the inner wall of rubber seal groove,put the seal gasket after the lubrication of graphite powder,the clearance should be uniform(it is appropriate when the gasket can be pressed into by fingers in cold state).

Note: The sealing gasket choose the seal ring whose width is less 0.2 ~ 0.5mm than the actual groove width, using the grease for lubrication is is strictly prohibited!

3.Cleaning and grinding the sealing surface of autoclave tooth, coating it with graphite powder.

Check before commissioning

Check that whether the connection nut is strictly tighten,whether the safety accessories are intact and in working condition,whether the bearings are flexible,whether the drainage system is normal.

Operating procedures

horizontal autoclave

1. The use and description of electrical safety interlock device will be detailed in Safety Interlock Device Product Specification.

2. Autoclave door seal: Close the valve V2, open the valves V1 and V3,pass into the sealing steam and seal the autoclave lid end face.The seal steam pipe should be laid individually to ensure sealing effect.

3. When the autoclave door is completely sealed,open the main steam inlet valve V4,after the working pressure is reached,open the valve V2,and then close the valve V3,complete the seal relying on the working steam pressure in the autoclave.

When testing the steam for the first time,raise the pressure to the design one,and observe that whether the safety valve can exhaust steam normally,if not,adjust again.
Then, lowering it into working pressure for 30 minutes,inspecting the pressure components and connecting pipes comprehensively,whether there is air leakage,the temperature difference condition between the top and bottom wall of pressure gauge, safety valve and autoclave body. If abnormal phenomenon is discovered,it must immediately be stopped and checked until running normally.

4. In the steam curing process,when the actual pressure,pressure in the autoclave in lower than the working pressure, temperature,we should open the valve V4 to supply steam.

5. When the steam curing is completed,open the exhaust valve to exhaust steam(or pour stem),when the pressure gauge indicates zero,open the electrical interlocking device according to the electrical safety interlocking device specifications.
Note: (1) in the process of the autoclave lid opening,the operator should be located on the right side of the autoclave cover,no person shall be located in the autoclave cover front.
(2) when switching autoclave cover and the steam curing car is entering and coming out the autoclave body,we should be more carefully to avoid collision.

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