30 T/H Biomass Corner Tube Boiler Columbia

Modelbiomass corner tube boiler

Capacity30 ton

Applicationsteam for processing heat

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Main parameters of biomass corner tube boiler

Model: ZG-30/3.82/330-T
Rated steam capacity: 30t/h,
Rated steam pressure: 3.82Mpa,
Steam temperature: 330℃
Fuel: 71% palm kernel fiber and 29% palm kernel shell

The biomass corner tube boiler burning palm kernel fiber & shell is a great challenge for my company. We had no idea about this kind of fuel before, while, we did many researches on the fuel analysis. With the supporting of our manager, salesman and technicians, we communicated with our customers actively, and finally we solved all the problems and signed the contract.

The palm kernel shell & fiber corner tube boiler was designed and manufactured strictly in accordance with the latest ASME standard. After the boiler was exported to Columbia, we also sent professional person for the site installation guidance until the project was completed.


Biomass resources, including agricultural crop residues, forest residues, animal wastes, agro-industrial wastes, municipal solid wastes and aquatic biomass are used in industrial boilers as low cost and clean fuel to save cost for industries. Biomass fired boiler is more and more preferred by industry in recent years. We have exported a ZG-30/3.82/330-T biomass corner tube boiler to Columbia to provide steam for industry.

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